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Come Travel With Me And Here's What You Will See, As I Travel Around The Country In My RV!

My name is Krystal Paws. I am the new addition to the Paws family. After Dolly passed away in 2017, they did not know if they were going to get another dog, but as
time passed something very special happened. Read about me and how it was net to be that I am part of this special family. Click here or on my paw print.

My name is Dolly Paws. I am the new addition to the Paws family. After Daisy passed away, Bill and Nancy were very sad and they said to themselves that they wanted another Maltese. I was only 3 months old when they got me, and I will now be part of their life as we travel and I see new an exciting things. My how time flies, I just celebrated my one year old birthday on April 14, 2004. To learn more about me, Click here or on my paw print.

My name is Daisy Paws. I will take you on one of my many travel adventures that I have made in my Recreational Vehicle. But, first let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a Maltese, this is a toy breed of dog that some say belonged to the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago, and some also say that my breed actually began on the Island of Malta. The average weight is between 4 to 6 pounds, but I am a little heavier, you know how that goes when you get a little older! I can have my hair grow as long as down to the floor, but my owners prefer to groom me to a shorter length. I have a black nose as well as black around my eyes. To learn more about me, Click here or on my paw print.

About our Recreational Vehicle. I have been traveling around in a 1980 34 foot Silver Streak Travel Trailer pulled with a 1979 1 Ton Ford Pickup Truck with a 8 foot cab over camper. On top of the camper is a 15 foot Gregor aluminum boat along with a collapsible boat trailer. On the front of the truck is one of my favorite toys, my motorcycle and on the rear of the trailer is where our mountain bikes go. Talking about "taking it all with you"! There is so much to tell you about our RV, how it was setup for full-time traveling and helpful hints, to learn more about our RV, Click here or on my paw print.

About my "Human Parents," Bill and Nancy. They have been traveling full-time in their RV for 20 years, they are seasoned travelers and have been throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Alaska and Hawaii. They enjoy all sports from water skiing, snow skiing, golfing, tennis, fishing and bike riding, oh yes, also traveling and sightseeing. Since they enjoy this lifestyle, they knew that when it came to retirement, they were going to sell their house and buy a travel trailer and see the country, which they have done. I was lucky enough to be able to see so many places with them and so I have many stories to tell you about. To learn more about my "human parents," Bill and Nancy,Click here or on my paw print.

Where do you want to go, and what do you want to see! I will take you there, come travel with me!


Click on my paw print below and follow me in my RV
Calgary Stampede Colorado Sand Dunes Goblin Valley The Four Of Us


How To Buy Your Boat
How To Buy Your Camper How To Buy Your RV


Winter Ski Sale

We are selling ski clothes, our snow skis and cross-country skis have been sold. Go to this page to see all that we have to sell. You can email us or use PayPal to buy our items, Click here or on my paw print.

FOR SALE - Vintage Fishing Tackle - New And Used

If you have read our stories and the places that we have traveled to you probably know that we fished all over the country including Alaska, Canada, Mexico and the U.S.

You have also seen on our website that we sold our travel trailer, our boat, and our truck/camper in the last several years.  Our travels and our fishing trips have come to a halt and so now it is time to sell our collection of over 60 years of fishing tackle.  We have fished in the ocean, surf fished many areas, fished many lakes, and streams for trout, salmon, walleye, crappie, bass, and everything else that we could either troll for or cast a line to get fish to eat. Click here or on my paw print.


We Sold Our 1979 Classic-Custom Ford F-350 Larite Camper Special Truck With A 1980 Custom Built Camper With A Edie Automatic Boat Loader

We sold our one-of-a-kind Custom Made Camper designed by us with an Edie Boat Loader that we used for our 15 foot Gregor Car Top Boat.  The camper is mounted on our 1979 Classic-Custom Ford F-350 Larite Camper Special Truck that has many special features.

As you have seen on our website about our truck, camper, trailer, and boat, we have a very special rig that we used for many wonderful years of traveling.

To read more about our truck and camper, and see all of the photos,Click here or on my paw print.

We Sold Our Boat

We have sold our Gregor boat but wanted to keep our photos and information about all of the things that our boat had so that other will see what they can do to their aluminum boats.  To read more about our boat and see more photos, Click here or on my paw print.

Meet The New Owners Of Our Silver Streak Trailer

We have sold our Silver Streak Trailer. We wanted to keep the information and pictures of what we have done to our "one of a kind" trailer over the last 23 years for you to read about, and to meet the new owners of our trailer and to read more about our trailer. Click here or on my paw print.

A Tribute To Hello Dolly

Our wonderful Dolly passed away on April 17, 2017.  After we sold our trailer, our trips with her were close to home, fishing along the Colorado River.  She enjoyed riding on our motorcycle and in her basket on Bill's bike.  She developed congestive heart failure two years ago, and our vet, Dr. Laura Millikan took great care of her.  Read more about Dolly and time with us.  Click here or on my paw print.

A Tribute To Daisy

Our precious Daisy has passed away. She has been with us for over 15 1/2 years. Read more about her in our tribute to Daisy, and how she battled an illness for over 2 1/2 years.Click here or my paw print.

My Favorite Products.  Just follow the links below to some of my favorite products.

How To Keep Your Birdbaths Clean

Read about the best product that I have found that keeps our birdbath and fountain clean of green algae and bird droppings.  After trying many different products, from copper pennies, white vinegar, and clorox, I found a product and it works great! 

My Favorite Links.  Just follow the links below to some of my favorite sites.

Arizona West Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Laura Millikan and her staff in Yuma, Arizona has taken care of Dolly for over 14 years.  When she developed congestive heart failure, Dr. Laura did everything to keep Dolly with us for two more years. 

Animal Medical Center

Dr. Nancy Hampel and her staff in El Cajon, California were excellent. We would highly recommend them if you ever need the expertise and Board Certified Specialist for your pets care. If you read our tribute to Daisy, you will see that she kept Daisy with us for an additional 2 1/2 years.

Branson Missouri Shows

An excellent web site with information about Branson, Missouri.

A good source for RV-related information and links to the internet. They also have a free classified ad section that is wonderful.

I have so many stories to tell you about, so keep coming back to my Web site, and soon you will see me traveling to Mt. Saint Helen's, Mt. Olympia and Yellowstone Park to name a few, as well as fishing some of my favorite spots in the West.



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